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Talks can be exhausting (and liberating)

Talks can be exhausting (and liberating)
By Vikas Singhal • Issue #4 • View online
I have been recording my talk for the upcoming WordSesh conference for past 3 days and I am already late for the submission, sorry @rzen.
Couple of quick observation while recording the presentation
  1. Massive respect to tutors and demo creators!
  2. It’s so exhausting!
  3. Always think about learners, content will follow.
I also realized that recording this kind of talk, focussed on your product gives you an amazing insight which you might have missed otherwise, like:
  1. Using your own product from the perspective of a user.
  2. Bugs, lots of them!
  3. Finding UX flaws! - this may be one of the big wins.
  4. Realizing which use cases your product is ideal for.
So, the moral of this short story is - go record a demo video of your product by being in the shoes of your user, your backlog will fill up quickly!


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