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Think before building your next feature

Think before building your next feature
By Vikas Singhal • Issue #3 • View online
If you are a tech founder like myself or have an inclination towards the notion of “let me build the next cool feature”, then pause for a moment.
It’s important to understand how is your product being used by your users/customers. You can do that in many ways:
  1. Google Analytics
  2. Hotjar/Smartlook - in-app recording
  3. Customer Feedback & Surveys
The idea is to see a patterns in the usage of your customers. If you can figure out why customers are using your product you can figure out what to do next, maybe:
  1. Improve an existing feature
  2. Fix the UX
  3. Delete a feature
Yes, often deleting a feature declutters the interface and give your product a breath of fresh air.
So, next time think first and then build your next feature.


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